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Client Service Agreement.


Known as  "Vendor"

Known as "Client"

Thank you for choosing Drick's Treats!
These terms and conditions serve as the contract between the CLIENT and VENDOR. By paying this invoice, the customer is agreeing to the these terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. 


All food sales are final.
• All payments are non-refundable. Store credit can only be issued by Ter'Dricka, owner and operator of Drick's Treats.
• The initial deposit reserves your event date, is non-refundable and non-transferable. 
• The balance must be received within the following time frames below. Reservation deposits should be received within 24 hours of invoice receipt. 
• If you are ordering more than (3) dozens of Custom Treats within a 1 week notice. Please be advised that there will be an additional rush fee added to your total at checkout. 


•Once deposit  is made order cannot be altered or changed. 


• While making every effort to provide exactly the flavor, filling, decoration, size, color, shape, and design discussed during consultations, creating cupcake/treats is an art form and may be subject to variations.
• If the customer supplies an image or likeness to be created, we will make every attempt to make the item as close to the likeness as possible. In the event that the product requires equipment or ingredients that cannot be obtained within the time allotted (exotic flavors, molds, shapes, stamps, texture, additional novelty such as glitter), the closest resemblance available will be used to complete the product.
• Color matching is not a precise science and different sugar substrates take color differently.  will do everything possible to make substrates match to each other and to match provided color swatches, but sometimes it is not possible to make a 100% perfect color match and some colors are just not achievable using food grade dyes.
• cannot match a “verbal” color or a color sent via electronic device, as all monitors display color differently. To attempt a color match, you must provide a color swatch, invitation or something similar 14 days in advance of the event.
• To maintain stability and the integrity of your event cupcakes and or treats,  reserves the right to make design and structural changes to your items on site or off, without prior notification.
• is not responsible for allergic reactions or consumption of inedible pieces, ex: embellishments such as acrylic toppers and other decorations for decoration purposes only. All Treats contain 100% FDA APPROVED/COMPLIANT edible products. eg. Glitter, sugar, sprinkles, fondant pieces, paint, sugar rocks and crystals.   non toxic glitters and gold or silver decorations. Gold and Silver decorations painted are non toxic if consumed and or ingested but are used for decoration purposes only. 
Edible Items:
All Treats contain 100% FDA APPROVED/COMPLIANT edible products. eg. Glitter, sugar, sprinkles, fondant pieces, paint, sugar rocks and crystals.

Inedible Decorations
Drick’s Treats is not responsible for allergic reactions, ingestion or any medical conditions or harm resulting from inedible pieces. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to advise their guest/recipient pieces are inedible. Sole responsibility will be attributed to the customer.



•Dricks Treats  is a limited liability company as we DO NOT cater for any allergies we do ensure our customers safety is our first priority. We are certified food managers and handlers registered with the state of KY. Please refer to KY cottage food law as we are a licensed home cottage bakery so therefore items are prepared in a kitchen that does handle nuts, dairy and gluten. It is your responsibility as the customer to advise anyone of this before they consume the product.
• reserves the right to take photos of the product for display or promotion without the customer's consent.
• is not responsible for any damage to the cupcakes, DESSERTS AND or treats  after delivery/set up is complete.
• If the customer elects to pick up the treats, the customer is responsible for the treats as soon as it leaves THE HANDS AND premises. Upon visual inspection of treats and its departure from the premises, the customer approves the treat's visual appearance and waives any rights to a refund based on the style, design or visual appearance of the treats. 
• The product may contain or come into contact with milk, wheat, nuts, soy and other allergens. The customer is responsible for notifying the guests. DT  is not responsible for any adverse effects of allergic reactions.
• Upon the event of a natural disaster, accident or other situation outside of  control, this contract may be voided.
•  will endeavor to perform its services in a professional manner and provide the best customer experience possible. In the event that our products or services do not meet our high standards, or the client is dissatisfied, we may--at our discretion--provide the amount paid for those products and services in the form of store credit.  total liability is hereby limited to amounts paid to  for its goods and services.  will not be liable for any special, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages, whether foreseen or unforeseen, regardless of whether liability is based on breach of contract, breach of express or implied warranty, negligence, strict liability, tort, or otherwise. 

Cupcake, Desserts & Treat Care
Once your order has left premises - I cannot be held liable for any damage to your products.
When driving home, please place your order in the passenger side footwell or empty boot. DO NOT put your order on the seat. Make sure your vehicle is cool on arrival and keep the air conditioner on until you get home. 
Once you get home place your items straight in the fridge and only remove 30mins - 1 hour before serving to allow them to get to room temperature.
Butter cream, cheesecake and Chocolate WILL melt if allowed to get warm. NEVER leave your desserts or treats in direct sunlight.
REGULAR Cupcake orders can be stored in a dry cool room. THIS DOES NOT PERTAIN TO GOURMET CUPCAKES  
Again as mentioned before we DO NOT cater for any allergies, it is your responsibility to advise anyone of this before they consume the product.

Best Before Date:
Your desserts are baked and made to ensure it is fresh for the date of your event. We cannot guarantee its quality if it’s consumed more than 72 hours after the event If refrigerated. Our cakes AND TREATS are made entirely of natural ingredients, so we’d like to remind you that because of this they will not have the extended shelf life of most supermarket cakes, which contain additives & preservatives unless they are refrigerated.
Store treats such as chocolate dipped treats at room temperature (unless otherwise stated). If items will not be consumed within 24 hours and are not heat sealed, place treats in an airtight container or bag and remain at room temperature. Do not place treats in direct heat or sunlight. Temperatures over 70 degrees Fahrenheit are not suitable for treats. We cannot be responsible for damages that occur due to heat over the stated temperature.





• Any cancellations must be made 72 hours in advance in writing and will result in a Store Credit ONLY.​
If your event is canceled or rescheduled due to COVID reasons you can change to another date if the date you are changing to is available. If your event is canceled altogether you will get a full credit of the items you ordered originally that have to be used on or by December 2022 arrangements must be made 2 weeks  prior  to your event. 
Please be courteous as my time is just as valuable as yours. If you will be arriving later than normal pickup time please communicate this with us right away. Deliveries and pickups are scheduled around each other and I want to assure all my clients receive their items at their requested time slots chosen. Shall you choose not to communicate your late arrival, I will not wait at the meeting location past 10 minutes. If you fail to communicate an additional fee will be added due to late arrival. If not paid you shall not be able to book again till the balance fee has been paid. 

Last but not least if there's anything I did not cover before you sign this and make your payment please do not hesitate to contact me so we can both assure we are finalizing the correct order. I want to assure you an experience that will forever remain loved in your heart. 

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